words matter

Make an impact, not noise  

Resonance stands out in today's noisy world

Dreams go from glam to grudge with every to-do to be done.

Before you know it, you aren't able to work ON your dreams because you're so busy working IN your dreams.

However that isn't the way it has to be.

I support individuals, nonprofits, social impact organizations and consultancies actively turning dreams in to realities by finishing their written projects.



Strategy & Funding

  • Grant Writing
  • Grant Strategy
  • Market Research
  • Business Models + Plans
  • Content + Blogs
  • et al

Digital Copywriting

  • Email Funnels
  • Sales Funnels
  • Website Copy
  • Landing Pages
  • et al



Print Copywriting

  • Flyers + Brochures
  • Annual + Impact Reports
  • Sales + Newsletters
  • Pitch Decks
  • Newsletters
  • et al

About The Writer (aka Me)

I’m Ann. In living my wild and precious life so far I’ve:

  • launched a few companies in the US and Africa and worked in corporate banking and e-commerce for Fortune 100s (Read: I pull from many styles of business and ask bigger questions),
  • pitched VC’s and startup investors and groomed other early stage startups to be pitch worthy (Read: sell sell sell big dreams in short slides),
  • run safaris, retreats and lived (so far) in 7 countries on 3 continents (Read: I’m used to having to think on my feet and deliver on promises; I’m not a military kid btw),
  • navigated kidnappings, bomb threats, mob violence and a few muggings (Read: I can persuade and sell a need),
  • taken on too much and suffered by not asking for help sooner (Read: teamwork!),
  • learned that none of that matters if you can’t actually listen and deliver results people need and want. And laugh. Gotta remember to laugh.
Why does any of this matter as a copywriter?

My experiences navigating and negotiating life in multiple countries and cultures have made me able to get a point across using various angles.
My business acumen and experience mean I’m not distracted by vanity metrics.
My love of writing and psychology mean I find words to support emotions. And selling is full of emotion!

I know what it’s like to try and DIY. I also know what it’s like to finally find the right person you can outsource work to and know it will get done.

I aim to be a member of your team supporting you and your dreams. I look at your needs holistically vs. project by project. One-off isn’t a great strategy.

As the amazing Ani DiFranco wrote, “I don’t have time for half-way, I don’t have time for half-ass.” I work with people and groups serious about their future.

If you’re ready, let’s connect.