Because time is money. 

What copywriting services do you provide?

I provide copywriting services, including (but not limited to): website content (new and re-writes), landing pages, sales pages, email funnels and sequences, sales pages, ads, product descriptions, pitch and investor decks, annual reports, etc. If you don’t already have a tone guide for your brand, I can also do those.

Over my career I’ve worked with nearly every level of business: from solopreneur to corporate, startup to established, new, rebranding or simply maintaining and growing, physical and digital products, etc.. I bring a wealth of very diverse business experience to the table.
What is the process of working with you?

1. You contact me and include a description of what you need.

2. I’ll review and respond via email to schedule a phone consult. If I need more information to prepare for that call, I’ll let you know.

3. On the call we’ll have some lovely banter filled with Q&A about your ask and your goals. I love these calls because we can both get a feel for whether we’ll be a match and you get to revisit your own business dreams a bit. We both emerge with a better idea of what you are trying to do.

4. After that call and if we’re a match, I’ll crunch numbers and send you a quote.

5. If you agree to it, you’ll pay a 50% deposit. I’ll also send any follow up questions to help me get going and you’ll provide me with any SEO keywords you’d like me to use. The goal here is to let me do my work without having to interrupt you unless totally necessary. ((Please note that I do NOT begin work until I receive this deposit. I also reserve the right to amend any timeline estimates based on delays on your end.))

6. Per timeline, I’ll send a draft for your review. We can have a follow up call or just send any revisions per email. I’ll get to work on the revisions and we repeat if necessary. (Note, I include two rounds of revisions.)

7. I turn in the project to you. You pay me and refer me to all of your other friends!

BONUS: Once the copy goes live, please let me know. I like to do a final review to ensure nothing weird happened in a copy/paste/edit. It’s a final set of eyes to double check. I do this for FREE because I care about my work and it’s impact to your goal. I also know what it’s like to be so excited to hit publish and finish a task that sometimes things fall through the crack, so this is definitely something to take me up on.

How do you charge? What are your terms?

I charge a fixed rate for every project based on a combination of factors. I can quote once we’ve had our call and agreed upon project scope. You can get started here.

You pay 50% of the price of the project up front with the remainder is due within 5 days of final product delivery. 

I already have some things written. Can you just need edit and use it to save time and money?

Mention that in your first contact with me (be specific where I can see it). Based on your ask and my review, I’ll see what I can use and not use.

Can you write about my business if you don’t have experience in my field?

Generally yes. Using your existing platforms to understand your brand and current/past focus, I’ll perform any additional research necessary to understand your field all before beginning to write. My past copy experience includes, but is not limited to, finance, life coaching, psychology, agriculture, food and nutrition, yoga and movement, alternative health modalities and for both virtual and physical products in both the US and East Africa.

Can you optimize my website for SEO?

Yes. I ask that you or your web developer provide me with the researched SEO keywords you would like me to use in my writing. It is also up to you or your web developer to edit the meta tags and meta descriptions.

As with anything SEO and brand, I don’t write to please machines. Ultimately people buy from people, so my job is successful when I seamlessly integrate SEO keywords in my copy and towards the goal of the piece. Copy written only for SEO purposes makes for rough reading.

What if I don’t like the first draft?

While I hope this isn’t the case, it’s normal that first projects may have an extra round of rework. Honesty is the best policy, and ultimately I want you to be happy. I’d rather hear directly that it isn’t what you wanted, and why, and I can take that constructive criticism and make a second revision. I offer 2 revisions with each project. (Psst…this is why I love repeat clients – we both jump in the deep end and usually work faster and more effectively.)

Can you do a rush job?

IF my schedule allows then yes. I don’t overpromise and underdeliver, and I’d never push an existing project deadline just to accommodate a rush job. That written, if I have the bandwidth, I will do it. There is an additional 20% fee of total project cost added for this.

When can you start on / finish my project? How long will it take?

I’ll share this as soon as we speak about what the project is (you do that by contacting me here). There are a number of variables to consider (my current workload, the scope/size of your project, your deadlines, etc.). Once I have a better feel I can provide the start/end date.

As an ex-Fortune 100 project manager, I can confidently state that I am very adept at estimating, managing and reporting on a project’s status. I don’t disappear. I don’t overload my plate. I don’t allow scope creep (a fancy word for projects becoming bigger than the original ask). I do bring years of business development to the table, so it’s not uncommon for me to question other areas of your business and propose work to extend and unify the current project.