Free Site Assessment

This a great way to feel firsthand what it’s like to outsource work to a professional.

Fact: SEO loves fresh copy. If you have a website, you likely already know that you can’t just build it and leave it.

If you believe your website copy could use another pair of eyes, please take advantage of this offer and request a free website assessment with me. I’ve been writing website copy for over 7 years. I’ll take a look and send you a brief report with my thoughts and recommendations.

The fine print: I take on a limited number of these each month and they do fill up. If you are very interested in working with me, I’d highly recommend you contact me and we have a serious conversation about your needs. Firsthand experience reminds me how amazing outsourcing work feels and how it uplevels your entire business energy. 

I’ll also extend this offer to your sales page, landing page and email funnel. Choose the one you feel you need the most help with and let me get to work.

Worried that this will morph in to pressure to hire me?

Please don’t be. It won’t. I gain more experience while you gain perspective and ideas. AND you’ll hopefully find enough value to hire me when your budget is right plus refer me to others who need my skills.

Let’s get started.